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12 Jul

around philly

I have been absolutely loving urban life. After living in the countryside for a year, I’m back and ready for [&hellip

1 May

live in the now

I love this article listing 30 things every woman should know before 30. In the meantime, live for today

2 Jul

shots from verdun

fête de la musique, my last day with the CP’s, Carmen at the theatre with my students, luxembourg for the [&hellip

1 Jul

greatist hits

It’s been one year since I started blogging, so I thought I’d participate in a little travel blog project started [&hellip

27 Jun

summer in Verdun

These last few weeks in Verdun have been particularly fun – with the Fete de la Musique, a concert at [&hellip

5 Jun

i’ll cry if I want to

This Saturday, I realized why after eight months in this country, I’m still not used to it. Ater my bus [&hellip

10 May

Meuse Living, part iii

Another interesting piece of Verdun trivia is that we are home to the Régiment des Chasseurs, a cavalry regiment, in [&hellip

2 May

Meuse Living, part ii

So Verdun. Many of you know that is was the site of the Battle of Verdun. The entire city was [&hellip

18 Apr


This weekend was fun – I took a break from searching OLX classifieds for jobs back home and enjoyed the [&hellip

12 Apr

typical courtyard banter

working with kids is hysterical, and my students never cease to make me laugh (and sometimes cry). they love to [&hellip

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