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26 Feb

country girl in the big city

My bags are packed. I am (hopefully) under the weight limit. I have learned how to say, “ayudame por favor”. [&hellip

25 Feb


I had so much fun visiting my friends in the Vosges this past weekend. I brought my roomates along, so [&hellip

23 Feb

how to pack efficiently

I am the queen of last-minute packing. I hate doing laundry, I hate folding socks, and I hate fitting everything [&hellip

21 Feb

stylish blogger

I’ve been awarded the “stylish blogger” award by Laura from The Everyday Life of an American Girl in France,  Katrina [&hellip

18 Feb

bon weekend

So, this weekend, I’m off to go skiing. But I’ve only been skiiing once before? When I ran into people [&hellip

17 Feb

sunny days

The weather has been so nice these past few days! Running has been a breeze! We took advantage of the [&hellip

16 Feb

things my students wanted to write in their valentine’s cards

My students are poets! When I told them that American students make Valentines in school, they were shocked! We made [&hellip

15 Feb

return of the ugly american?

While planning my upcoming trip to Morocco, I got stuck in a particularly alarming sentence published in the 2011 edition [&hellip

14 Feb

saint valentin

Tu sais que les hippopotames ils choisissent un autre hippopotame et toute leur vie il reste avec. Tu le savais [&hellip

12 Feb

bon weekend

So today, I got the best Valentine’s card, addressed to Frenchie. It comes every year, postmarked right from Philadelphia, without [&hellip

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