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30 Apr

Ode to Aix

So I went to Belgium and the Netherlands without telling you. I’m sorry. I have lots and lots of things [&hellip

18 Apr

Battle of the Sexes: Reims Edition

You say football, I say champagne. The last day of my dad and brother’s visit, I took them to Reims. [&hellip

18 Apr


This weekend was fun – I took a break from searching OLX classifieds for jobs back home and enjoyed the [&hellip

15 Apr


Before I went to Madrid, I spent the day in Paris before my flight. It was still cold and gray; [&hellip

14 Apr

Heidelberg Germany, ja!

While my brother and Dad were here, we took a short trip to Germany. Living two hours from the border, [&hellip

12 Apr

typical courtyard banter

working with kids is hysterical, and my students never cease to make me laugh (and sometimes cry). they love to [&hellip

11 Apr

What to do in Paris…with Two American Guys

My brother and dad came to visit me two weeks ago. I was so happy to see them, and get [&hellip

5 Apr

confessions of an expat, part iii

i have a eurotrash playlist. number one is this song. !!! #shame. instead of thinking about life after my work [&hellip

4 Apr

changes from my window


3 Apr

Last Day and Reflections

After a worldwind tour of the south of Morocco, we had only one day left in Marrakech. Finally, we were [&hellip

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