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30 May

Good Eats in Bordeaux

On my very strict budget, I can count on my hand the number of times I’ve “eaten out” in France. [&hellip

27 May

happy memorial day weekend

It’s not Memorial Day weekend here, but I find myself nostalgic for my JCrew white bootcut jeans and my cute [&hellip

26 May


Great guesses from all you commenters – but my new favorite city is Bordeaux. You might be thinking, this girl [&hellip

23 May

petits plaisirs du monde

Evan has awarded me a blogger award. Thanks Evan! Instead of telling seven facts about myself, I am going to [&hellip

21 May

it’s like a fairytale

So, As soon as I arrived in this wonderworld, all I kept saying to myself was, “this is so freakishly-fairytale-quaint [&hellip

19 May

brussels is tricky

i don’t know what to say about brussels, except man oh man did it pull a few tricks on me. [&hellip

17 May

la bd

Brussels is famous for it’s comic strips – “le pays des Schtroumpfs et de Tintin,” or Smurfs and Tintin (also [&hellip

16 May

Van Gogh Tour

After renting a bike in Amsterdam and nearly dying a few too many times (bike traffic does not mix with [&hellip

14 May

travel bites

            belgian fries/chocolate/coffee, market fraises in arcachon, cannelé de bordeaux, cheese and cinnamon, chocolate cake [&hellip

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