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31 Aug

confessions of an ex-expat

I watch the news in French from my podcasts every morning I’m not exotic anymore I have yet to find [&hellip

30 Aug

blissful july days in Paris

I had a few days to soak in in Paris before inevitably leaving France. The weather was therapeutic, spending my [&hellip

25 Aug

it’s good to be home

no one’s paying attention, luke swims the 100, b brings me sunflowers, the philles score again, there’s no place like [&hellip

23 Aug

Gorgeous Day Trips from Dublin

Last summer, my friend and I went to see Leap Year and fell in love with Ireland. We told ourselves [&hellip

15 Aug

What to do in Dublin, Ireland

After the passing of my grandfather last summer, I knew I really wanted to go to Ireland, where his grandparents [&hellip

2 Aug

St. Andrews, My Favorite Place in Scotland

After a wonderful afternoon in Edinburgh, we headed to the place where Kate met William where Craig goes to school. [&hellip

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