gift guide: books

I love to read, ‘yo! Here are the books every girl should ask for this year! (My top 5 of 2011).

1.) Let the Great World Spin, by Colum Mc Cann

Wonderfully written, intertwining stories, captivating, inspiring, Irish lads, perfect for a lost soul.

2.) BossyPants, by Tina Fey

This book made me laugh so much because just about every embarassing thing that happened to Tina growing up happened to me. It’s so nice to hear that even very successful women have gotten hearts broken and worked at the front desk of the YMCA. Every bossy girl needs a hero like Tina Fey.

3.) The House of God, Dr. Samuel Shem

Recommended to me by a future med student, this book manipulated words to form imagery I never thought was possible, and at times almost unbearable. I also learned never to go to the hospital in July.

4.) Something Blue, Emily Giffen

This was not a good book. This was a book you don’t want to admit you’re reading, because it’s frivolous and trashy (but I was smiling and giggling and enjoying it anyway).

5.) Ken Follett, The Fall of Giants

Even after I lived in the city where theĀ  majority of the first world war took place, I couldn’t soak up one bit of historical information until I came across this rare gem: a period romance that somehow connects the life of a Welsch miner with a Russian princess with a German military officer. Ask me any trivia question about the Battle of Somme and I’ll tell you it’s where Billy almost lost hope he would reunite with the Wendy in London.

What do you think? The traveler would ask for these on the Kindle, but I still haven’t given up my library card! Any recs for 2012? Another question – how does Amazon always know what I want???

Bonus: Diane VonFurstenberg talks about travel as a lifestyle from Anne.

“If you pack lightly, you live lightly” – DVF