Philly Donut Pilgrimage

So the sixth month mark is coming up on my new job, I’ve been living in the city for two months now, and what do I have to show for myself?

Philadellphia City HallCity Hall at NightEl VezMargs and guac at El Vez

Mummers Parade PhiladelphiaThe Mummers Day Parade

I’ve been doing everything everybody else has been doing for a  long time. I am just a little late to be doing it. Exploring Frankford Hall in Northern Liberties, old city classics like Eulogy Belgian Tavern, pretending I am French in Rittenhouse Square’s Parc, and NY day brunch at Sabrina’s in Fairmount has all been really fun and I am finally starting to get a good feel for the city.

This morning, I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but never gathered the strength. I jogged to Federal Donuts for breakfast. After reading about it on blogs, local papers, and even (GASP) the NYT,  it became a realistic connundrum: how do I make it to Federal Donuts before they run out of donuts? With no car, no bike, and no willpower to get up early, the options were seemingly desolate. Then, I used Googlemaps last night to confirm that Federal Donuts is exactly 1.5 miles away from my apartment, making it a clean 3 mile Saturday morning jog (and a clearly counteractive activity).

Let me tell you, this was the cutest little donut shop I’ve ever seen. In the adorable neighborhood near 2nd and Washington, the sweet lady who served me was wearing skinny jeans and had those hipster red lips. Ignore the fact that I was sweating, wearing my workout gear, and in line for a donut. I took an immediate bite and the “cake” exploded in my mouth with buttery, creamy, textury goodness while the spices were sweet yet not overwhelming. The willpower I then used to stop eating and continue jogging was unfathomable, even now as I write this. Luckily, it was packaged in the most charming way that I kept my form tight and managed to make it to my front door and brew some coffee.

Federal DonutsI asked for the Apollonia, and it did not disappoint. A mixture of mocha, orange blossom, and some kind of cinnamon spice –  I loved it! Way better than any donut I’ve ever had. Now, should I jog back for fried chicken tonight?