Van Gogh Tour

After renting a bike in Amsterdam and nearly dying a few too many times (bike traffic does not mix with lost tourists), I was loving this leisurely Sunday stroll through Nuenen, near Eindhoven. Van Gogh here lived here for two years, and it’s where one of his most famous early-works, the Potato Eaters, was painted. I have followed Van Gogh through Auvers-sur-Oise, where he died, and in the south of France in Arles and St. Remy (where he chopped off his ear!), so I was excited to see some of his young-life inspiration. We took a little tour of his village by bike.

Above is the house where the Potato Eaters was painted! The sun was shining and I couldn’t get enough of this little village. We stopped in a cute little park and got ice cream. Everyone was out and about enjoying the beautiful day.

I even got to see a water mill; a staple of dutch culture! I love how the dutch take care to preserve traditions that were started in the Netherlands hundreds of years ago. Van Gogh painted this mill as well!

I was such a happy girl! Of course, as soon as we finished biking I made Stef take me out on his scooter, and we frolicked along in the countryside and rode along the canal.

Do I have you sold on the Netherlands yet?

13 thoughts on “Van Gogh Tour

  1. Brenna,
    It looks so beautiful and green. I would love to visit the Netherlands, you’ve sold me!
    Plus, my Dutch heritage makes it a must. And then you throw in the bikes (you know how I feel about biking). Perfect post.
    Aidan x

    • It is lovely, you must go! At the beach we were at there were tons of beautiful dutch babes that looked like yours! It’s all starting to make sense now…

  2. so cute! i have also been following van goghs footsteps in the provence, loved arles!
    and yes, the netherlands are also really nice, haven’t been there in a long time actually, need to go!!

  3. I love the Netherlands! I once spent a month there taking classes and tooling around the country. I really liked the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam because it went in chronology of when he painted them. You can really see the depression building in the paintings; amazing. Looks like a lovely day!

    • Yes I’ve been there as well. I agree, it was amazing! One whole month to travel in the Netherlands – I’m jealous!

  4. I also adore Netherlands and those photos are so cool:) Hugs and kisses, my dear

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  5. I LOVE the netherlands and this whole area. It’s crazy the rep that amsterdam has when it’s really just a tiny, adorable city with really nice inhabitants. I could probably live there forever and drive a car the size of a matchbook and be prety darn happy.

  6. Interesting. I think if I’m ever back in the Netherlands, I need to get out of Amsterdam, a city I really did not like. I spent a day wandering around Haarlem and loved it, so maybe I’ll have to give the Netherlands another try. But your trip sounds fabulous!

  7. This seems like exactly how I’d want to experience this city. I love biking around because you aren’t on your feet but you have the wind in your hair and get to see so much of the city.

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