Quelle belle ville! Last time I went to Nancy with Pierre, I didn’t have my camera to take pictures of the most beautiful Place in Europe! I remembered it this time for sure! Definitely an amazing site to see at night.

We stayed in the area, and grabbed a drink at Les Berthom (5 rue Stanislas), a Belgian beer bar. I know France is supposed to be known for wine, but I have been learning so much about beer living close to Belgium and Germany. I remember I ordered a beer (out of habit) in Paris, and my French friend wondered what I was doing ! Apparently Parisian beer drinkers are usually boys. Le sigh. It’s been fun to try new things; in Nancy, I had the Maredsous.

The next morning, we walked around rue Gambetta, taking in the sunshine. It was refreshing to see such well-dressed French people, strutting around and looking fabulous. Soon it was off to do some shopping! I desperately wanted a pair of ray ban sunglasses (hey it’s going to be sunny in Morocco) but I held back! Gotta save those pennies for traveling.

We stopped at this charming café (I’ve never seen one so modern and funky in France) and got a café viennoise, filled to the brim with chantilly cream. Jealous? Finally, we took a few last minute looks at Place Stan and took a stroll around Parc de la Pep! Everyone was out and about, a busy Saturday afternoon.

Next time we visit, it’s the Art Nouveau museum! Have you been to Nancy yet?

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  1. I have not been to Nancy yet. :) Man, I really want to spend some more time in france! One of my friends has been living in Dijon for a while. I’ve only been to Paris and the riviera and feel like I need to do some serious exploring next time.

    • Paris and the Riviera sound nice to me! I have yet to go to Dijon, another city on my list!

  2. Wow your pics are amazing. I really want to go to Nancy now and apparently it’s not too far from Lyon! Did you just go for a weekend? Where would you recommend to stay? Seriously, I think I am going to go!

    • Well, everytime I’ve gone I’ve stayed with friends, so I can’t help you out too much with that! Yes, I just went for one night because I live only 1 1/2 away! But for a weekend would be nice. They have lots of beautiful museums, restaurants (must eat at Les Buches a l’Oreille – so good!) and concerts!

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  4. Ohh it really is stunning, sweetie and those photos are amazing!!! Btw: How cool that you are going to a 20s and 30s themed birthday this weekend! I would go with 20s flapper look. Like a cool short dress, long neckace and red-hot lips:)
    Happy day, darling

  5. Ooh, what is a café viennoise?? I so want to take a day trip like that! Also the fact that there is sun there. I am desparate for some sun! Lovely pics :)

  6. Oh Nancy is so pretty – love it too! My bf’s sister lives there & only been through 2 times, but the square is just so beautiful…can’t get over all of the gold & just simply the “grandeur” of it all .. Next time I’ll be sure to have a beer! Great post…waiting for more Morocco news!

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